The Internet Made Lucy Hale Apologize For Body-Shaming Herself

"I should be more aware of what I say sometimes."

Never underestimate the sleuthing skills of a “Pretty Little Liars” fan. 

Lucy Hale landed herself in hot water this week after she body-shamed herself in the comments of a throwback Instagram.

The 28-year-old star wrote, “ugh I was so fat,” under a photo with her father, sparking an internet backlash about the kind of message Hale was sending to her mostly young female fans.

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“Extremely disappointing to see someone that I consider a role model refer to themselves as ‘fat’ on a public platform where other girls can also see it,” one follower wrote. 

“Lucy I love you but please, you have never been fat in your entire life, there are people who are really fat and really struggle with their weight and maybe they look up to you so please do not say these things even as a joke,” another added. 

On Monday night, the actress and singer took to Twitter to address the backlash and apologize for the poorly received comment. The controversy, she admitted, served as an important reminder that her actions have a larger impact than she might realize. 

“Sometimes I forget that people are watching everything I do and I say things I don’t mean,” Hale wrote. “I’m extremely sorry if my comment about my weight offended anyone. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. I know people look up to me and I should be way more aware of what I say sometimes. Thanks for all the love and support. Hope y’all can forgive me.”

Hale has been outspoken about body image issues in the past, revealing that she overcame an eating disorder earlier in her career. 

“I’ve never really talked about this, but I would go days without eating. Or maybe I’d have some fruit and then go to the gym for three hours,” she said. I knew I had a problem … It was a gradual process but I changed myself.”



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