The Internet Wants To Give Chelsea Manning A Hug

NBC reports that she is on President Obama’s “short list” for commutation.

People are posting #HugsForChelsea photos, with arms outstretched, asking Obama to grant clemency for imprisoned transparency advocate.

Chelsea Manning saw injustice and stood up for what’s right. Now, she’s serving a 35 year sentence in an all-male military prison. She’s been systematically abused by the U.S. government, held in conditions that the UN considers to be torture, and has attempted suicide twice during her 7 years behind bars. But now there’s hope. NBC reports that she is on President Obama’s “short list” for commutation.

The news has sparked a groundswell of support for Chelsea online. Hundreds of thousands of people have already taken action to support her, but now the message is simpler than ever.

But now as part of a last minute campaign called #HugsForChelsea, people are flooding the Internet with photos of themselves with their arms outstretched, waiting to give Chelsea a hug. The goal is to show President Obama how much love and support Chelsea has, and how many people are waiting for him to do the right thing and release her.

Check out more of the photos that have already been submitted below. Post yours to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #HugsForChelsea and theyll be added to the gallery. Get all the details here.

The Internet is waiting to give Chelsea Manning a hug. Post your own photos to #HugsForChelsea and we'll add them here!