The Internet's Hottest New Meme Is This Gorilla 'Giving A TED Talk'

Twitter got wild.

Surely because we are all still collectively mourning Harambe, gorilla memes have dominated the World Wide Web lately.

First, there was the intrepid gorilla in a kiddie pool dancing to “Maniac” and now there is “Lecturing Gorilla,” also known as “TED Talk Gorilla.”

The photograph that sparked the meme looks like this:

The candid shot of the chatty gorilla was taken during the Los Angeles Zoo’s Roaring Night event last week, and it has taken off like a stampede.

The meme-y madness spread from Twitter to Reddit with this particular tweet (the verbiage of which is in the image the Los Angeles Zoo tweeted above):

We couldn’t agree with the sentiment more. The gorilla appears to be an elegant lecturer.

Luckily, others had their own thoughts about this loquacious ape and ran with it. Here are some of favorites:

Gorillas are truly a gift, y’all.



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