The Intravenous Drip Diet: Making Models Super Skinny

Right on the heels of a particularly emaciated New York Fashion Week, The Daily Mail reports on a disturbing diet trend that, some might argue, is really just anorexia by another name: The Intravenous Drip Diet.

And how are the girls getting super skinny this year? The Lemonade Cleanse: over. The Cookie Diet: finished. The Cabbage Soup Diet: disgusting. Nowadays it's all about banana bags.

No, it's not the latest offering from Hermes or Mulberry - it's an IV drip containing multi-vitamins.

Designed as IV drips for alcoholic patients in hospitals (who are undernourished from drinking more than they eat), this yellow-coloured liquid is being snapped up by those who opt out of eating in order to fit into their Kova & T Latex leggings.


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