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The Intricate Web of Care

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Who could have ever predicted that the power of the world wide web would turn out to be a delicate roadway that can connect a villager in the Swedish Archipelagoes to a suburban housewife in Ann Arbor. Not just connect them, but endure something catastrophic together, and one further... be able to encourage them!

Chatrooms and message boards were just toddlers when I was enduring my cancer journey alone, and today, the resources and sisterhood for people suffering from any health issues are endless.

I recently had the pleasure of joining a group of other inspirational women at Care To The People's "The Healing Power of Stories" luncheon at BlogHer '15 in New York City, which brought together bloggers living with medical conditions as well as bloggers caring for someone facing health issues to discuss how sharing their health journey online has helped them cope.

From cancer, to mental illness, to caring for a sick child, to living with a disability, the panel was full of insight for other bloggers who's mission it is use their own experience to help others.

Care To The People is a for-purpose, social media health initiative that's making the web a better place for anyone coping with a health issue, their loved ones, and patients seeking advice, inspiration, and encouragement from others. The idea was the brainchild of Consumer Medical, a company with 19 years of experience in providing guided patient support services, whose desire it was to extend the same care they provide to their clients to anyone on the globe who is seeking support.

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This was a free event to those attending BlogHer, and the panel shared their stories with no compensation.

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