Hövding: Invisible Bike Helmet Inflates On Impact (VIDEO)

WATCH: Would You Use An Inflatable Bike Helmet?

Would you wear an invisible helmet? Reuters reports on a creative invention in bicycle safety, the Hövding, an inflatable collar that deploys like an airbag on impact, encircling the cyclist's head.

The idea was based on the premise that while cyclists are aware of the dangers of biking without a helmet, they still choose to not wear one due to appearance, bulkiness, discomfort, and of course, hair issues.

The Hövding's puffy collar contains a nylon airbag with a gas inflator, which is triggered by sensors upon collision. The airbag releases in .1 second, becoming a hood that encircles the head, providing shock absorption and pressure. The Hövding also offers shells in a variety of colors and patterns.

There are some drawbacks. The $450 price tag is prohibitively expensive for many cyclists. Also, once inflated, the Hövding cannot be used again. So if you fall off your bike, it better be a worthy fall!

Nonetheless, the Hövding is a fascinating example of designers searching for alternative ways to improve safety through creativity, and could lead to some amazing future technology. What do you think of it?


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