The iPad (PHOTOS): How Green Is Apple's Latest Gadget?

The release of Apple's iPad today has the web abuzz, and there's one question on the minds of the green-inclined: How eco-friendly is Apple's latest gadget? Some argue that it's an extraneous purchase, making it unenvironmental based on that alone. Then there's the recent discussion on cloud computing, which are shared computer servers that process user data requests to stream video, download, check email, etc. Basically, it's a huge power suck that, according to Greenpeace, releases more carbon into the atmosphere than previously thought, and the iPad falls under the cloud-computing umbrella.

But when it comes to the device alone, turns out the iPad fares pretty well, especially in comparison to other electronics. Apple has taken measures to ensure the iPad is energy-efficient and does less damage to the environment than it could if it followed some industry standards. We've compiled the attributes that make the iPad a green gadget. Take a look, and vote for your favorite feature!

How Green Is The iPad?