The Irony Behind the Starbucks Red Cup 'Controversy'

When Starbucks changed their festive coffee cups from Christmas-themed to plain red this past weekend, some of America's socially conservative Christians went up-in-arms full of coffee mugs about the corporate caffeinated beverage purveyor's lack of respect for the birth of America's Lord and Savior.

Starbucks quickly realized PC culture has become so PC, that being PC is now offensive to people.

Their decision to forego secular images of snowflakes is a blatant disregard of the birth of Jesus, even though he was born in a desert.

In fact, scientific and historical research shows that Jesus was born on June 17; the Christmas star was possibly a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, which were so close together they would have shone unusually brightly as a single 'beacon of light'; and December 25 was likely chosen as the date to celebrate Christ's birth, because the church determined it aligned closely with a major pagan festival, which allowed the church to claim a new celebration for Christianity.

The new red cups, combined with the green and white Starbucks logo, actually comprise Christmas colors. This is arguably more Christmas-themed than previous cups that contained more seasonal-inspired depictions of snow, ornaments and nature that's more reminiscent of winter than Christmas itself.

Regardless, Americans clearly strive to live the ideals of Christmas, through holiday-inspired commercialization and Black Friday sales that force the most dedicated gift-givers to pummel each other in an intense competition for material goods for the sake of cheerful generosity.

By removing snowflakes from their cups, how are people supposed to know it's holiday season and embody its spirit by being decent people to each other? Customers reliant on deriving their festive jolly from their seasonal peppermint mochas are clearly distraught about this monumental change in coffee containment.

On a positive note, this is the first time social conservatives have shown legitimate concern for the disappearance of snow.

Maybe this is the first step toward the Republicans accepting climate change as a fact and not a conspiracy made up by the liberal media and scientists who professionally study weather patterns in an effort to make U.S. corporations less competitive than China.

This "War on Christmas" needs to end, as Americans should be more sensitive to socially conservative Christians' God-given right to use their religion to disregard other people's beliefs and culture.

He's calling for a boycott on Starbucks, even though the Trump Tower in New York hosts the single most successful Starbucks franchise in the history of coffee shops.

He also promised as president, we will be saying, "Merry Christmas." Americans can trust that a vote for Trump is a vote for absolutely no change in our holiday salutations.

Christianity is blatantly under siege in America:

This isn't the first time America's "Moral Majority" has voiced their concern about the liberal PC culture slowly eroding their way of life.

Target received considerable backlash in August when whey decided to merge the boy and girl sections in an effort to forego gender delineations. They argued this newly established gender-neutral section will confuse shoppers who are dependent on "boys" and "girls" signs to separate a G.I. Joe action figure from a Barbie doll.

They were also offended when Oreo released a digital ad portraying a cookie with rainbow-colored stuffing, or when Cheerios aired a commercial depicting a multiracial family.

When Jesus laid out the Golden Rule, he called for every human to treat each other like they want to be treated. He also stated through numerous parables that we are all unique creations of God and no one should judge each other.

He clearly meant that Americans should use these teachings as a way to discriminate against people of different backgrounds. We should treat our spiteful Christian brothers and sisters with respect so they can reciprocate the favor by imposing their morality to erode our country's burgeoning diversity.

The real irony behind this is that these Evangelical conservatives broadcast a nationally boisterous disdain for political correctness, claiming that America is becoming sissified, but they're the ones who become the most offended over issues, such as LGBT rights or respecting other religions, that have absolutely little to no impact on their personal lives.

Projection, much?

This is just another clear example of the Christian persecution, victim complex in America.

Free market capitalism is supposed to be a staple of American life, and the Starbucks Red Cup campaign is a prime example of a business responding to consumer demand and a changing market landscape.

Unfortunately, for those who are bitter about the growing rejection of the antiquated Great Awakening moral purity in America, this country is becoming more diverse and inclusive and these promotions are reflective of this cultural shift.

For people who claim to love America, social conservatives sure hate a lot of things about it... infidels.