The IRS Is Deplorable

It is hard to believe the IRS is not corrupt from top to bottom.

Think about the IRS employees: If any knew what has been going on and did not speak up (no one did), he or she is corrupt. If any employees conveniently looked the other way in order to have deniability, he or she is corrupt. If any should have known and he or she made sure he did not and did not blow the whistle, that person is corrupt. No more excuses.

We have just witnessed disgraceful targeting of American citizens and no one in IRS management knew it was going on? Give me a break...

And now a new report out today. The report is about one IRS conference in Anaheim in 2010 that cost 4.1 million dollars. 4.1 million of YOUR dollars to party! How could they possibly think it was okay to take YOUR money to party?

And don't tell me it was a conference -- that is absurd! It was a party. We all know about government conferences -- they are parties. If they were really serious work conferences, they would rent an empty high school gym, get folding chairs and a podium with a microphone. They didn't do that (and it isn't just the IRS -- how about the high flying federal judges in the 9th circuit going to a ritzy resort in Hawaii last year -- and YOU paid for it?!)

How bad was the Anaheim IRS party? the worst! See this:

•$133,000 in commission for two event planners not under contract with the IRS who "had no incentive to negotiate a favorable room rate for the IRS."

The IRS just took your money to pay for their party without asking you -- that is usually called stealing. They can say they had authority but I don't buy it -- who would give that authority? Do you know anyone in the government who would admit to giving authority for this taking of your money for this party in Anaheim. I am waiting to hear...

And worse, the IRS paid the two event planners for the Annaheim conference by giving them a piece of the action (a commission), and so they didn't even try to get us a good deal. The bigger our bill, the more they made. The IRS just didn't give a damn. They just wanted to party on your dime.

There is so much more (including hiring an artist for the Anaheim party) and you will hear about it tonight ON THE RECORD at 10pm -- but you get the picture.

I don't know about you... but I am sick and tired of this culture in Washington. I am sick of all the excuses... I am sick of all the ridiculous uses of the word 'transparency' which is just code for big lie that they hope you don't see through... I am sick of everyone passing the buck and pretending he or she did not know (they all know... you don't send 2600 people to a party in Anaheim and not have the entire IRS know about it)... I am sick of no one taking responsibility. I am sick of the stealing.

Other than that... all is fine, right?

And by the way... do you remember why the Tea Party formed back in 2009? It was formed by a bunch of hardworking nonpolitical Americans who were just fed up with the way Washington was spending their money.

So what happened? The IRS was unleashed to shut them up. Plain and simple -- IRS revenge to shut them up.

Cross-posted from GretaWire.