The Islamic Republic With the Hope of Reformation for Achieving Your Basic Rights

Flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Dear Fellow Compatriots,
A few days ago, a number of you willingly or unwillingly participated in the ballots of the Islamic Republic with the hope of reformation for achieving your basic rights.

Additionally, a significant group of you have demonstrated in unison your opposition to the status quo by refusing to vote and by seeking fundamental change to allow for a new Iran.
I speak today with both sides; let's not forget that both groups of voters and non-voters are from one nation, the great nation of Iran.

And all of us have our hearts set on our homeland.
In commencement, I salute the fellow citizens who have saved their votes for the day their national goals are achieved.

This is because we have aspirations:
- The separation of religion and state institutions in order to guarantee the freedom for all religions and beliefs
- To create a healthy and free market economy
- To promote innovation and enhance the country's standing in the fields of science and technology
- To advance the economic and political standing of Iran amongst the top twenty countries of the global village
- The establishment of social justice
- Allowing for every Iranian to have the opportunity for prosperity,
- Providing a free education for every Iranian child until the age of 18
- Protecting the ecosystem and securing sustainable development
- The abolition and prohibition of torture and the death penalty
- Full civil rights equality amongst all Iranians irrespective of political, religious, and cultural background
- Equality of women and men within all economic, political, social, and cultural spheres
- Freedom of thought and expression
- Freedom of the press and media across the country
- The right to free access of information for all citizens

We have aspirations that will only be possible within the context of a secular, parliamentary government based on a decentralized political and administrative organization, in which the three branches of the government operate with autonomy and can concentrate on their respective affairs pertaining to the country.

Your support and solidarity for not voting in the election has served to "reject" the totality of the Islamic Republic and is a glorious start towards us achieving our national aspirations together.
My fellow compatriots, those of you who knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, went to the polls with the hopeless goal of having an opportunity for winning your basic freedoms, a very important responsibility bears on your shoulders.

It is expected that you not remain silent, for the heavy costs of your votes claim the rights of each your fellow Iranian citizens at the hands of your elected representatives.

Now, you bear the heavy responsibility to serve as the voice of civil and political activists.
At a night during which a concert is banned, break down the banned walls with your voices.
At a time when an innocent Reyhaneh is being hanged, your voice should rip apart those ropes.
Stand with those who fight day and night in front of the tall walls of the Evin Prison and scream for liberty, justice and freedom and break down those prison walls.

Take the whip out of the hands of criminals and bring news of Saeed to his father and the message of Omid's freedom to Simin.

Hold a candle and light up the dark nights of the all the despairing mothers.
Ask about the children whose fathers have been executed in Sistan and Balouchestan and the shameful state of the schools in Kurdestan.

Understand the gravity of your vote.

Lastly, I reiterate that we are a nation with an ancient history and precious land. We have proudly kept our great identity alive in the name of Iran.

We stand together united by our common national aspirations of reforming the country and achieving a prosperous Iran.
Long Live Iran.
Reza Pahlavi

President of the Iran National Council