The Israeli Attack--Another View

The Israeli Attack--Another View
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There has been much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth around the world over the Israeli assault on the Palestinian people, which has ended all hope of peace in the Middle East. The Israelis will be blamed, of course, although some have argued that the Bush administration put them up to it, on the principle of 'if I can't get a peace treaty, I'll make sure my successor never does, either'.

After all, those Palestinians were firing rockets at Israel, just because the Israelis had imprisoned them in Gaza, starving them, bombing them occasionally, and depriving them of free movement, jobs, trade, and so on. Israelis have to defend themselves--every once in a while one of those rockets kills an Israeli citizen. Furthermore, the Palestinians' forbears didn't suffer the Holocaust. And it's a known fact that anyone who criticizes Israeli policy is anti-semitic.

Some people say this latest bombing assault is one of genocidal intent, and cite the fact that hundreds of Palestinian women and children are being killed. They say punishing a whole community or nation for the crimes of a few is a violation of international law. They say Gaza is another Lidice. But this is a false comparison. There was just one terrorist in Lidice--the one who killed Heydrich--and all the others were nice quiet, obedient people who wouldn't hurt a fly. Whereas Gaza has quite a few terrorists, and you aren't sure where they are, so you have to bomb a whole lot of places to be certain. Also, they move around a lot, to avoid detection. That's how you know they're terrorists.

Some say it's foolish to kill children, because every time you do you convert a hundred people to terrorism. But these kids probably hate Israelis and could be dangerous when they grow up. Better to get them now.

Some say it's a disproportionately violent and savage response to a few Palestinians firing a few rockets--that an appropriate response would be to fire the same number of rockets back. The Bible says an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, not a hundred eyes for an eye, a hundred teeth for a tooth.

But that's not taking into account the fact that an Israeli life is worth a lot more than a Palestinian life. After all, aren't Israelis the Master Race now?

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