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The Ivy Plus Society: Where Dating Requires A Resumé (POLL)

The New York Times profiled The Ivy Plus Society, a social gathering for singles and networkers of a certain pedigree.

One man who attended a recent New York event came with high standards:

Ben Pike, a 2006 Georgetown graduate, was settled into a copper-colored sofa in the back of Gates lounge. He said he hoped to meet New York women who were more than merely gorgeous. "I've been in the city three years and dated girls who are legitimate models, and that gets old," said Mr. Pike, who works in private equity. "I have high standards. I've met people who are really smart but don't have it together socially, and people who are fun but may not offer more mentally." The total package, he explained, is tough to find.

Want to know which schools make the grade? Here's the list according to The Ivy Plus Society's website:

1. TIPS membership & events are open to young alumni only, aged 21 - 42.

2. Young Alumni from the following schools are invited to join TIPS and to participate in our events:


Air Force Academy Berkeley (University of California) Brown University Caltech Cambridge Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College Duke University Georgetown University Harvard University London School of Economics Johns Hopkins University MIT Naval Academy Princeton University Stanford University University of Chicago University of Pennsylvania West Point Yale University

GRADUATE SCHOOLS **Graduate programs at the universities listed above as well as the following:**

Business School: Anderson - UCLA Kellogg - Northwestern Stern - NYU

Law School: NYU Law University of Michigan School of Law University of Virginia School of Law

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine UCLA School of Medicine UCSF School of Medicine University of Michigan School of Medicine University of Washington School of Medicine Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

Here's how they definite their mission:

The Ivy Plus Society (TIPS) brings together young alumni from a select group of schools to create a community of talented, dynamic individuals. The chance to meet incredible people was one of the best parts of the top schools we were privileged to attend. We endeavor to initiate opportunities for this exceptional group to connect here in the real world, beyond the iron-gates of our alma maters.

The Ivy Plus Society also knows that we all need a few nights to set the roof on fire and fill-up a glass or three with a dash of chaos & adventure. So we aim to bring you laughing nights and parties over-flowing with fun at the best venues in town. We'll take you to the hottest destinations and rising stars on the scene. Our philosophy - if you are going to go out, might as well head somewhere fabulous!

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