The Journey to Nowhere -- or Maybe Everywhere

Having traveled on the road to provide solace and comfort alongside many individuals who have suffered the painful and seemingly endless trail of helplessness created by absorption of perilous drugs and alcohol, and watching the slow disappearance of individual identity and self worth, there is the loud cry for help, that is often unheard until the painful inevitable takes place. Despite the efforts of the individuals and loved ones to stem the tide, (more like a tsunami,) despite the decided recognition that somethings needs to be done, and the flood of tears and anguish of heartbreak, the beat and the beating goes on. Many wonder why the recognized cannot be stopped by sheer decision and acknowledgment alone. Trial and error and persistent efforts alone at intervention frequently leads to an identifiable potential remedy, followed by the often dashed hopes that the subjects in question will finally take a stab and try their hand at holding on, once introduced, to the possible elusive answer, hoped and prayed for, that the beats that has grabbed on will let go, or be shaken off in time to transform the links of chain into dissolved trinkets that can be dashed and valuable new thought patterns will be formed.

So many of the parents or family members of the embedded watch helplessly as the loved ones slip further into their abyss despite their encouragement and support. And they are left with helpless wonder as to why the known and the obvious cannot simply be confronted and rejected by the obviously victimized.

They cannot comprehend how the addicted desire to shred their burdens but CANNOT. The grip they face beyond fault or reason despite what has been experienced cannot be released by sheer will alone.

The legal consequences are not enough to cause the diseased to reject their current fate. Professional help is needed of a unique blend both in therapists, doctors, attorneys, facilities and more and more of these move to the forefront.

Diligent search in seeking the help will lead to the right persons. It is important in the initial interview to learn how much specific experience and insight the practitioner has in the fields of addiction and counselling. It is important for the benefit of the accused to remove the clouds of judgment when dealing with them so as to retain their trust in the practitioner's assessment of the courses of action to be taken. The flood of deaths and increase of addictive substance availability makes it more essential than ever.

The important thing is NOT to give up on your loved ones and on the search. The counsellors are only too happy to help in the battle and to transform it into a victory.