The Joy Of ASCII: Bob Ross Video Just Might Be The Strangest Painting How-To We've Ever Seen (VIDEO)

We have to admit, "The Joy of ASCII" is quite possibly the strangest homage to Bob Ross we've ever seen.

Featuring a pixelated version of the beloved afro'd artist, the short video shows how Mr. Ross would create his happy little landscapes had he only a personal computer, a keyboard, and ALT commands with which to "paint." Jo Luijten's satirical how-to is of course a nod to Ross's beloved PBS show, "The Joy of Painting," albeit with a few subtle differences. Namely, the ASCII host dons purple skin, uses colors like "Viagra Blue" and "George Clooney Grey" and has a Dutch uncle with a penchant for farming marijuana.

See more videos on Luijten's YouTube page or his "Totally '90s" Facebook video and let us know how your ASCII work of art turns out. Don't forget to heed Faux Bob Ross's advice: "Don't try and copy what I am doing here. The drawing is your own world. Your own friendly world."

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