The Joys Of Blowhole Sex

Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

What two consenting dolphins do in the wilds of nature is their own business, and if you had an orifice on top of your head, you might enjoy it, too.

Blowhole penetration is just one of the subjects we delve into on this week's Weird News podcast. We sent Noah Michelson -- co-host of the fabulous Love & Sex Podcast -- to New York City's Museum of Sex and he got natural with the animals.

If you think threesomes, wild masturbation rituals and all sorts of recreational pleasure are reserved for humans, you simply haven't spent enough time in the jungle -- and Museum of Sex curator Sarah Forbes sets us straight (even if you're gay).

In the end, the only thing weird about animal sex is wrapped up in our own human hangups. Admit it: If you had an elephant's trunk, you'd involve it in your self-stimulation, too. Wouldn't that be fun?

"All conceivable sexual partnerships and sex acts exist," the museum concludes, "from foreplay to post-coital cuddling: animals engage in kissing, hugging, self and mutual stimulation, oral sex and every kind of penetrative intercourse imaginable.

"Sex in the animal kingdom is as nuanced as it is in the human realm; and sex-for-pleasure, it seems, is not just restricted to Homo sapiens."

Isn't nature great? Listen to the podcast  for more. 

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