The Judges On 'The Voice UK' Were Not Expecting This

We're blown away.

A popular drag queen in the United Kingdom just blew us all away by her appearance on "The Voice U.K." -- even if she didn't seem to wow the judges enough solely with her voice to make it to the next round.

Divina De Campo performed an impressive rendition of “Poor Wandering One” by Gilbert and Sullivan from "The Pirates of Penzance" on "The Voice U.K." on Saturday. Unfortunately, none of the four judges took the bait and turned their seats around for the queer musician.

However, none of the judges likely realized it was a drag queen hitting those high notes during her audition. "Voice" judge, Boy George even wrote on Twitter about his disappointment in himself for not turning his seat.

Drag queens have made waves in popular singing competitions in the past, most notably Austria's Conchita Wurst who won Eurovision's song contest in 2014.

We hope to see more of you in the futurue, Divina De Campo!

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