The Katherine Harris of Global Warming

As Florida braces for what is predicted to be one of the worst hurricane seasons on record (a calamity scientists studying the impact of global warming have seen coming for years), I wonder if Philip A. Cooney will feel any pangs of remorse as the flood waters rise and the roofs go blowing away. Mr. Cooney is the White House official who edited government climate reports to make global warming seem like an uncertainty instead of a scientifically provable reality. I think of him as the Katherine Harris of climate change. My question is: did he act alone? was he instructed by a superior? from how high up did the orders to fabricate and falsify come?

We are altering life as we know it with our excessive burning of fossil fuel and Mr. Cooney is altering records. I believe that’s a criminal act (or should be) and look forward to a bipartisan outcry from members of congress calling for a full and immediate investigation.