The Katrina Myth

As the news swirls around New Orleans' seemingly near miss under the surge of Hurricane Gustav, let's not forget the Katrina legacy.

The non-partisan group recently released this video to address the stubborn myths that still remain three years after Katrina. Clearly, without a proper grasp of the facts surrounding the civil engineering failures during Katrina, we will not push for the change needed to bring ourselves up to the standards needed to protect New Orleans and other U.S. cities.

The myths:

1) Katrina was a natural disaster. (False)
2) New Orleans is located in the wrong place and should be relocated. (False)
3) New Orleans is entirely below sea level. (False)
4) The New Orleans situation is unique due to its geography. (False)
5) The authorities are aware of the New Orleans problem and working hard to address it. (False)

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