The Kelly Trump Rematch - If I Were Megyn Kelly

You and I make mistakes. In fact everyone makes mistakes. Wouldn't you agree?

Making a mistake is not the problem for any of us. It's identifying and recognizing them early, admitting them, owning up to them, correcting them and then going forward not repeating them.

I don't know about you, but I don't mind people making mistakes. What bothers me is when they keep repeating the same mistake, never own up to them and never learn from or correct them.

Which brings us back to Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump.

If I were Megyn Kelly I would ask Donald Trump the following three questions:

  1. "Mr. Trump, Do you agree that everyone makes mistakes?"
  2. "Do you agree that what is more important than making a mistake is taking full responsibility for it by owning up to it, correcting it and then putting into practice that correction? Please tell me if you disagree with that and if so why?"
  3. "Mr. Trump what mistakes have you made, taken full responsibility for, learned from and corrected going forward? And then please offer examples of such mistakes and how you admitted and corrected them." If Trump becomes flustered, say, "Mr. Trump, I am willing to prime the humility pump here by admitting mistakes I made even with regard to our big run in during that early notorious debate, that let's admit it, created a lot of press for both of us." Then say, "I admitted that I baited you in an unrelenting way and wouldn't let you off the hook. Some of that was spurred by journalistic license, but I admit that a significant part of it was a personal vendetta that I was not going to let you steer away from. I could say that I was testing to see how rash, irrational, emotional and reactive you would become under pressure, but I am willing to admit that I was loaded for bear and that there really was a personal attack in there veiled as a journalist's right to ask."
A very wise friend told me that a mistake stops being a mistake when you learn the lesson it is trying to teach you and correct it going forward so that you don't repeat it. As he put it, there are no mistakes, only lessons.

If that's true, what are the lessons for candidate Trump and journalist Kelly?