The Key of Persistence

People are applying the keys of success called persistence and they are winning in life, right in the middle of what some refer to as the worse recession of our time.
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The key of persistence and perseverance is vital if you desire to be successful in any endeavor. Many of us give up too quickly. We give up right before our breakthrough occurs, right before victory.

While it is true that it is not easy to stay with something, amidst all of the distractions and challenges which attempt to deter us from our course and focus, it should be noted that those who develop stick-ability usually get much more than what they were after. This particular key to success is really the ideal for those who have a passion and deep desire to see our goals realized. No one can obtain and maintain success without it.

To be persistent simply means to stay with your goal, pursuing it with a focus and relentlessness that will not accept defeat or give up, until that desire is attained.

When we make up our minds that we will have something that is worthwhile, not breaching the laws and principles of God, nor bringing hurt and damage to our fellow-men, and we gain the information needed for the achievement of that goal, and we put pen to paper and devise a workable plan of action, which can be implemented immediately, all that is then needed is the mastering of procrastination, and the elbow grease of work, which recognizes no such thing as defeat, refusing to quit until we get to that place called there.

Over and over, this particular statement is being proven all over the world. People are applying the keys of success called persistence and they are winning in life, right in the middle of what some refer to as the worse recession of our time.

They have faith in God. They believe in the talents and abilities He has bestowed upon them. They have asked Him for a plan, a purpose, something worthwhile to pursue. They have received an idea, an impulse, a dream. They have put pen to paper and mapped out a strategy. They have made that plan do-able. They implemented that plan, and, with minds made up that with God, nothing is impossible, they have persevered and found that their breakthrough and BIG MOMENT came, right as they reached what they thought was the end. They decided, against their feelings, people's opinions, and how things appeared, to go one step further. IT WORKED. They became successful. They won.

It was not that these people never faced any challenges. They did. It was not that they did not discover hurdles in their way. They jumped over them. Some of them, most of us, even tripped over the hurdles, and had to go back to the starting line. (At least that's how it felt). But the true winner never quits.

This is also true about the key of persistence. So do not give up or cave it.

You may have to tweak your plans. You may have to chart another way to your destination. You may have to make revisions here and there. But do not give up on your dream. Whatever God has placed within your heart to do will prove to be an asset to, not just your welfare, but the welfare of others as well. Let this become your focus. You are not just persisting for you, but for your family, your friends, or others who need what you have to offer. So stay in the game.

If you will pray, and if you will stay, and if you remain strong, and if you sing a song, and if you run and if you keep on keeping on, and if you do right and stick to your pursuit day and night, one day, somehow, someway, you will see, the things you fought for will come to be.

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