Introducing the Kickstarter For "Canna-biz"

The Kickstarter For "Canna-biz" Is Finally Here
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Most recently, countries like Germany and Israel have softened their stance on both the medical and recreational consumption of marijuana. Canada is getting ready to legalize marijuana’s recreational use next year, and CBD (one of the many active compounds found in Cannabis Sativa) has been recognized as a medicine in the UK.

Nothing seems to stop the Green Tsunami

While most of the world is still figuring out what do in regards to the legalization conundrum, the cannabis industry is not showing any signs of slowing down. Data shows that the market has hit the US$6 billion mark in 2016, and the amount of businesses trying to break in the industry is reaching record numbers. By 2020, legal cannabis sales in the United States are projected to hit US$21.8 billion according to Arcview Market Research.

Despite the fact that cannabis has gained a lot of interest from investment media over the last year, let’s not forget that it’s still very much illegal in the US at a Federal level, which means that most companies are still having a hard time unlocking capital from banks.

The Solution

Fundanna has positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry, where cannabis companies can raise up to US$1 million per year from both accredited and non-accredited investors. This means anyone can “try their hand” and get involved with as little as US$100 per company. This is made possible because Fundanna provides its services under a new crowdfunding regulation effective since May 2016 (REG CF), where anyone in the US or abroad can invest as much as 10% of their yearly income in US companies.

“It is a big deal for cannabis companies to be able to offer securities to the public and still remain private companies,” says Vincent Petrescu “Just imagine the potential of turning your existing user base into investors. Besides raising money, the company would also benefit from a loyal client/investor base in the long-term. Think of this as “Loyal Money” vs the money from VCs and Angels, also called “Smart Money”

Through Fundanna, you can become a cannabis investor with as little as US$100

The portal already listed its first investment opportunity: a Reward Membership Network for medical marijuana patients called NextRX. It provides easy check-in access for medical dispensary patients through an exclusive RX-Pass system, while enabling patients to accumulate membership rewards.

The company has already registered 16,000 patients through a few beta user dispensaries. The vision is to develop a Rewarding Membership Network where patients earn points for their purchases, which can be used as cash at all subscribing marijuana dispensaries.

Adversity breeds Innovation

As the industry flourishes and prospers, there’s still a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future of legal marijuana. There are fears concerning its monopolization or maybe even a corporate takeover from “Big Business”.

That’s why crowdfunding platforms like Fundanna play an essential role in the equitable development of the cannabis industry.

After all, we want companies made by people for people, or as Vincent says:

“Fundanna makes cannabis investment opportunities open to everyone, and allows cannabis enthusiasts to invest in companies and concepts they believe in, while potentially growing their wealth.”

If you’re a cannabis supporter and you’re looking to get involved in its expansion, this could be your opportunity.

You can click here to learn more about Fundanna.

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