The Kids Are All Right!

Thomas Wilson is one of a handful of remarkable young people working to change the face of HIV. A member of the Young Adult Program at St. Luke's Hospital in New York City, Wilson and his colleagues have responded to cuts in federal funding to their program by launching an ambitious Indiegogo campaign. Working with Connected Health Solutions' My Media Life, these kids have made an indelible mark on the culture and one can only imagine what they'll do next given the opportunity.

Savas Abadsidis: How did you get involved in the program?

Thomas Wilson: I got involved with MML through the YAP group. With the desire I have to become an HIV/AIDS activist I knew I could not pass up this opportunity.

SA: What's the best part of the program?

TW: The best part of MML is seeing all your brainstorming research and ideas you are so passionate about come alive. And also learning to work with other people who share different opinions than you.

SA: Why is the program so important?

TW: I think the program is important now more than ever because we live in a world where people rather see a motion picture or television show rather than read the book. So PSAs I think are a very important way to get vital information out. For people who don't fancy reading. And to have the people effected by these issues and/or behaviors. Gives the PSAs a true voice, a voice of honesty. Instead of getting it from a source that has no idea how it feels to be effected by the subject at hand.

SA: When did you become aware of your status?

TW: I became aware of my status on April 10, 2012. A date I think I'll always remember like my birthday. Because everything change because I got stronger and that much more determined to live my life right and to follow my dreams.

thomas wilson