'The Killing' Recap: The Big, Pervy Reveal In 'Head Shots'

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 3, Episode 4 of AMC's "The Killing," titled "Head Shots."

This week's episode of "The Killing" starts with Linden and Holder having Bullet watch the tape Kallie's in, hoping that she can recognize the voice of the perv, but she can only identify the location: the Queens Motel, run by Mama Dips. Seattle's finest, led by Linden and Holder, arrive with a search warrant and after getting some lip from Mama Dips, they proceed to search the premises. Linden finds a secret panel and lo and behold, she uncovers the "set" for the porn films -- and most disturbingly -- a blue teddy bear handcuffed in a submissive pose. (Have I mentioned how disturbing I find all of this?)

Hauled in for questioning, Mama Dips insists that she's the voice behind the tapes, since her smoking makes her voice all gravely and manly. (Not only does she let horrible things happen under her nose, but she's also protecting the scumbags? We have a new nominee for Worst Person Ever of the Season.) Still hoping to tie the murders to Goldie, Reddick and Holder continue to tail that terrible excuse for a human being, and it seems that they got him when he starts driving to the retention pond with an unidentified female in his car. But the pipsqueak pimp is wilier than we thought, and he proceeds to announce to the media that the police are following the wrong guy and that there's another girl missing with the real killer on the loose. Score one for the perverts.

Speaking of perverts, poor Twitch gets raped by his parole officer, who lies about his drug test coming back positive. This devastates Twitch, and he decides to start shooting up again. Bullet attempts to keep an eye on him, but Twitch goes out of control and gets himself beat up. Bullet -- ever the good friend -- manages to bring him back to Lyric, who promises to clean him up and buy him Popsicles that aren't orange-flavored. Those two proceed to get all cuddly and cozy, and poor Bullet looks away while standing in the rain.

Meanwhile, Seward did try to cut out his tattoo last week and he's supposed to take antibiotics to prevent an infection. The prison scenes are a little slow this week, although Seward does get to deliver some really great lines on innocence and hope ("An innocent man doesn't need to game nothing, because he knows the truth and the truth is that we've all got a death sentence" and "Hope's the same as faith. Bitch'll kill you faster than this place will") and earn himself the nickname Spartacus. He also starts bonding with fellow death-row convict Alton, and the guards exploit the relationship by beating Alton up until Seward takes his medication. So despite his tough-guy exterior -- with the scars to prove it -- maybe Seward really is a big softie and not a killer? The guy is looking more and more innocent every episode.

Back to our favorite detectives: Linden continues her side of the investigation, hoping to find a connection between the dead girls and the girls in the porn films. After consulting with a detective from vice, she visits one of the girls from the films who's still alive and working the streets. Linden speaks to her, but Tiffany insists that her video co-star was "one of the good ones" who offered her his fries after their performance (sound familiar?). Linden thinks that Tiffany is protecting the mystery man, and she takes Holder with her a second time to work his magic. One "you got it going on, girl" later, and Tiffany tells the detectives to search for Joe Mills.

So for the night's big reveal: Joe Mills is the cabbie from last week (do I win a prize?!) and Kallie's mom's new boyfriend. The season's plot just thickened ... and got more twisted.

Random Notes and Observations:

  • So when will the Linden and Holder pairing become official? I'm tired of Reddick, although Holder and Linden sending digs his way greatly amuses me. "Twenty-three years of experience and all you are is in the way." Go Linden!

  • There are no nominees for Holderisms this episode since Bullet's line, "Man, you look like a rabbit. Like some big, hairless albino Bugs Bunny," really sealed the deal for me as the funniest line of the episode.
  • Speaking of Bullet: For the season's happy ending, I want Holder to adopt/foster Bullet. And for the sun to shine, just once.
  • At the prison, someone used the phrase "janky-ass" and since I'd never heard it before, I'm determined to use it in a sentence this week: I hope y'all don't think this recap is janky-ass.
  • Anyone else feel this prison-guard subplot is bordering on one too many? I don't think we needed to witness Becker's unhappy family life to understand that he's just a miserable, masochistic tyrant. And I could've done without Becker's wife hitting on Henderson with her kid like five feet away because really, there are way too many disturbing themes this season.
  • As for the episode's final scene: We know that Mills is a perv, but do we think he's the killer? Let us know in the comments below!
  • "The Killing" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.