The Killing Recap: The Biggest Death Yet In Season 3's Penultimate Episode, 'Six Minutes'

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 3, Episode 10 of AMC's "The Killing," titled "Six Minutes."

If I were to criticize anything about this season of "The Killing," it would be that there weren't enough scenes between Linden and Seward. But that was corrected in last night's episode which was dedicated almost entirely to the detective and inmate, as Linden tries to get the attorney general to grant Seward a temporary stay. It's interesting that out of all the mistakes that Linden has made in her career (and life), the one that she actively tries to fix is Seward's conviction. But Seward is far from sympathetic; lest we forget he shattered the prison chaplain's jaw and committed a host of other crimes that probably wouldn't earn him a death sentence, but would still land him in jail for a very long time. It's an odd, complex relationship and we finally saw it play out last night. So, without further ado, here's your recap:

"Six Minutes" opens with the prison guards performing a dry run of Seward's execution on a dummy. I don't know about you guys, but in a season filled with plenty of disturbing imagery, this scene kind of shot to the top of my list. It's one thing to be a psycho-killer that likes to kill kids, but it's quite another to have to kill a person because it's your job. Cue the heebie-jeebies. Anyways, we find out that Linden's at the prison to visit Seward, who can apparently have unlimited visitors the day before his death. Not bad for your last day on Earth, right? She has him positively identify one of the rings from Joe Mills' trophy box as Tricia's wedding ring, which has Linden calling Holder to bring her the Seward file so she can call the attorney general and convince him to issue a stay of execution. Since she can't leave the prison or she won't be let back in, Linden's also a prisoner for a day.

A hungover Holder arrives with the file, as do Adrian and his foster mother. And what follows is essentially a series of scenes between Linden and Seward: She comforts him while he's having a breakdown over getting weighed again; he antagonizes her over losing her son; and she encourages him to see his son again for the last time. Linden was once Seward's judge, but now she's his savior. And although she won't take any disrespect from him (she's not afraid to hang up the phone on him), she stays with him as much as possible.

But of course, there's always a twist. After having a brief conversation with Adrian, Linden finds out that Seward did go to the apartment the night of Tricia's murder and all hell breaks loose. Linden thinks that Seward has been playing her so she confronts him and tries to leave the prison. But Holder stops her, telling her that she can't run away -- she has to face this case until the very end. As a consolation, he promises not to try to kiss her again (cue the laughter).

After going back to see Seward, he basically confesses that he deserves to die, not because he killed Tricia, but because he really is a monster. But Linden convinces him otherwise and Seward is finally willing to see his son. Before Adrian can come in, the guards come to take Seward away, perhaps taking pleasure in denying a dying man this one last opportunity to say goodbye. But Linden tells Seward to look outside his window towards the trees, where she takes Adrian and Seward is at least able to see his son one last time.

Watching Seward walk to his death is harrowing, but he manages to pull it together and make a joke about Salisbury steak being ground beef. He's trembling with fear and even Becker chickens out, forcing Henderson to hood Seward. With the hood on, he begins hyperventilating and then the floor gives out. His neck doesn't snap immediately, but his body writhes on the noose as his life finally come to an end.

With one episode left this season, there are still some loose ends to tie up. Who did kill Tricia Seward? Is Kallie still alive? How will the case against Joe Mills proceed? What do you think will happen in next week's season finale? Let us know in the comments below!

"The Killing" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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