The King Of All Elite, Effete Snobs

Karl Rove attempted to describe you and me today like so: "...sort of elite, effete snobs who can't hold a candle to this guy (Bush). What they don't like about him is that he is common sense, that he is Middle America."

Here's Karl Rove's love doll last Thursday:


Nothing effete, elitist or snobby pictured there. No sir.

This is the president and his former president Dad (the patriarch of one of the world's most powerful and wealthy families) merrily cruising the ocean aboard their family speedboat. In this photo, the president and his presidential Dad are returning to their multi-million-dollar family estate at Kennebunkport, Maine. And finally, the speedboat is called "Fidelity III" which indicates two prior speedboats named "Fidelity".

Put aside the Yale, the Skull & Bones, the cheerleading, the oil wealth, the estates, the boats and this uncomfortably weird obsession with effeteness; there are very few Americans who are quite as privileged, entitled, sheltered, and coddled than this current president.

So Karl? Shut the fuck up.

By the way: