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The King of Ricotta: Salvatore Bklyn (Video)

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Meet Betsy Devine and Rachel Mark Devine, the co-founders, partners and cheesemakers behind Salvatore Bklyn, an artisan ricotta company in Brooklyn, NY. No, they are not Italian, but the Italian way of life, of eating and drinking and enjoying food and wine is what they embrace most in life. So much so, that three years ago, after a life-changing trip to Italy, they launched Salvatore Bklyn to bring their version of whole milk, lemon-infused, rich ricotta cheese to the masses, and preserve a legacy of urban cheesemaking that is dying off here in New York City.

Their ricotta immediately took off in the local food community, finding supporters/fans and inspiring a new generation of food artisans who wanted to share their version of homemade goods. So enjoy the video sneak peek into the Betsy & Rachel's production facility. You'll see how "The King of Ricotta" is made and hear why their version is not the norm by Italian standards. In fact, to many here in New York, it's far better...

Salvatore Bklyn can be found in cheese counters and on restaurant menus throughout New York City, including locally-focused standout spots like Per Se.

To purchase Salvatore Bklyn's plain or smoked ricotta, you can visit The Brooklyn Flea on weekends and meet the cheesemakers in person, or find them in one of many artisan food shops in Brooklyn & Manhattan. And before you go, don't forget to ask yourself "How do you say ricotta?"

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