The Knack Records The 'My Sharona' Parody The World Has Been Waiting For

Band guitarist Berton Averre said he wanted to record a parody of the 1979 new wave classic “because apparently, there aren’t enough of them.”

As the coronavirus has spread across the world, so have “My Sharona” parodies dedicated to COVID-19 across the internet.

But while a vaccine for the virus has yet to be developed, there is now a way for music fans to inoculate themselves to multiple rewritten renditions of the 1979 new wave classic.

And it comes courtesy of Knack members Berton Averre and Prescott Niles.

Averre, who co-wrote “My Sharona,” posted the new version of the song on Wednesday because, he explained, “apparently, there aren’t enough of them.”

There was a dilemma: Averre doesn’t sing and co-writer and lead singer Doug Feiger died in 2010.

Luckily, he had a workaround: Averre focused on playing the song’s iconic guitar solo while bassist Niles popped afterwards to shout, “Bye, corona!”

It was simple and to the point, without a bunch of lyrics about washing hands, social distancing or not being able to buy toilet paper.

However, as Vulture noted, Averre made sure to disinfect the guitar neck after the blistering solo.

Check it out below.