The Koalipops Beauty and the Beast Extravaganza Continues

Beauty and the Beast continues to dominate the box office. In its second week, the live action remake exceeded the $700 million mark worldwide. So it’s only fair that the Beauty and the Beast videos from the Koalipops Youtube channel keep coming.

If you’ve seen any version of Beauty and the Beast, you know the supporting cast is just as important to the movie as the two main characters. Koalipops pays tribute to three of these characters, Lumiere, Plumette and Chip, by showing you how to make three easy treats inspired by these characters for the Beauty and the Beast themed party you know you want to have.

The first treat pays tribute to Lumiere, the smooth-talking candlestick. Koalipops shows you how to turn 99-Cent Store champagne glasses into the perfect vehicle for a Greek yogurt parfait.

The next treat is a fun candy apple inspired by Plumette, the feather duster aka Lumiere’s love interest/girlfriend/side chick/wife (we’re not sure what their relationship status is).

And last but not least, is the Chip cupcake. There’s really no way to do a Beauty and the Beast themed party properly if Chip the teacup is not part of the party. This treat takes a little bit more work than other other two because you’ll have to make some cupcakes, but as you can see, the end result is so cute and so worth it.

You can watch the full video and learn how to make your own Beauty and the Beast treats here:

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