The Kronies Love Small Business And Hate Crony Capitalism, But Can They Bring People Together?

Here comes the populist right! A mysterious new online entity calling itself Chimera Global Holdings is pushing a new comedy video/action figure marketing venture celebrating small businesses and excoriating the evils of crony capitalism. Ladies and gentlemen, gird your loins in preparation for America's newest political antiheroes ... the Kronies!

"This is straight-up right wing propaganda," as The Huffington Post's Zach Carter puts it in the above video, "So why do I like it so much?"

Well, when it comes to the evils of cronyism in government, there's a lot over which populists on both sides of the ideological aisle can break bread. Between too-big-to-fail bank bailouts, rentier protection that crowds out competition and exacerbates income inequality, and big taxpayer giveaways to multinationals, there are a lot of openings for accord.

And, as the people behind the Kronies note, part of what's preventing the two sides from having a substantive debate about these concerns is the pressure exerted on lawmakers by powerful corporate interests and K Street influence peddlers.

So, were HuffPost's Jason Linkins and Club For Growth Communications Director Barney Keller able to come to an accord?

The answer to that question is: almost? See for yourself in the video above. (For the full HuffPost Live segment, click here.)

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