The 43rd Annual Pride Parade, June 24, 2012
The 43rd Annual Pride Parade, June 24, 2012


Pride is a celebration of one’s identity in the face of adversity and hate from those that may not understand or appreciate the culture. Originating from the Stonewall Riots of 1969, which was born out of the Civil Rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s, the L.G.B.T community demonstrated that they were just as deserving of equality and respect as everyone else. It is that defiance that is celebrated. The Social Renaissance Project and ‘Sippin Tea With Joshua and Kevin’, a REVRY Studios podcast, is celebrating pride with a new episode and video every week focusing on each letter of L.G.B.T!

Sam Henning is the featured lesbian on the first week of the podcast. As a lesbian actress with an edgy look, Sam understands the importance of L.G.B.T visibility and acceptance in media. Being seen and heard is a crucial part of societal equality and her take on pride really explores that necessity. When asked what pride means to her she goes through her life, delving on her quest for identity she comes to a very thoughtful place of awareness. She states that “pride is a place for those that are lost to see that there is a positive space...and the more inclusive it can be...the better it is and the more value it holds”

Hear Sam’s full interview here

Lesbians come in many shades and styles and possess many different experiences to express. Avery Archie, Director of Photography for SRP TV, approaches life through the lens of her camera. She takes in Pride from a very introverted place. She feels that pride is a place where you can be with your people and celebrate. While that is a view shared by many, she also feels that it is important to be acknowledged as an individual. She states that “by definition I am a lesbian but being a lesbian doesn’t define me.”

Ultimately the message of Pride is love. If you are an ally, use the month to learn. Learn as much as you can about your L.G.B.T counterparts to see how you, your actions, and your words fit into their lives. Members of the L.G.B.T community can benefit from doing the same. We are all different but Pride is a different celebration for everyone. Live in your truth, love in your truth, and make your truth heard around the world.