The Lamp Is Lit in Both of You, for One Another


Every human interaction is an opportunity for giving love.

All of us are either offering love or expressing our big need to be loved. There's nothing else.

Both situations give us the opportunity to share love with the other.

If love is what we are, then every human interaction in an opportunity to express ourselves.

Human relationships are binary: They are complete and fully loving (when both people are authentic, open hearted and completely honest) or they are not at all. A relationship is about recognizing (re-cognizing, or re-knowing) the other as the beautiful soul that he or she is. When we see in them something else that is not love, we are actually not seeing the other. We are talking to an image in our mind that we made about the other. We are literally talking to nobody.

We've all been through friendships, romantic relationships, work or family relations in which we knew that we were not authentic, not comfortable to have an open heart and fully express ourselves truthfully. If we don't express who we really are, if we don't express truth and love in relationships, they simply become a state of isolation with somebody (some body) still around. This state of isolation seems like a relationship but it's not. Relationships exist only in truth and love, not in mental images. Think about it.



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