The Lara Logan Non-Story Story

What's more important about Lara Logan, her award-winning work in Baghdad or her sex life? The answer to that is obvious, which is why I have not felt compelled to weigh in. Alex Pareene sums it up nicely over at
Gawker, and there's no need to rehash the details just to conclude that they aren't worth publishing (though that's been a neat way to milk the story while still expressing approbation).

I actually feel like the media has held back on this one, if you don't count the fact that it was a story at all. Logan is beautiful enough and the details salacious enough to give this legs, at least online and in the tabs, and it did come on the heels of both her promotion and her MSM coverage smackdown on "The Daily Show" (where she swore like a sailor and said that if she had to watch the coverage in the U.S., "I would just blow my brains out"). So the fact that it's been a blip is actually telling (and if you want to see the difference, recall the coverage of Katie Couric and her younger boyfriend from a year ago).

I do think there is a double standard at play in that it was mentioned at all, because the infidelities of male correspondents are almost never mentioned (unless its in their memoirs). The exception happened in 2005 in the scandal over the firing of the NYT's Susan Sachs for sending an anonymous email to the wives of her fellow Baghdad-based staffers; the egregiousness there, it seemed, was in the wildly unprofessional nosy-parker email. Even so, Logan is very prominent and very gorgeous, both of which sex up a story whethet you like it or not (example: how many suicides got the coverage of the sad story of Ruslana Korshunova?)

The irony here is, actually, that this story has shone greater light on Logan's comments about the war and war coverage, especially in dark mutterings that this was somehow retaliatory. Her work - including her fearless and outspoken comments about the war in Iraq - will remain long after this already-faded 'scandal' (read: wholly unsurprising human story) is long gone. I guess if she weren't so damn good, we wouldn't know any of it.

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