The Late Alan Meltzer Leaves $1.5 Million To Chauffeur, Doorman; Ex-Wife Doesn't 'Give A Sh*t'

When music mogul and high-stakes poker player Alan Meltzer passed away this October, he left a hefty $1 million to his chauffeur, and another $500,000 to the doorman of his building.

"He was always joking. He never looked down on anybody," the chauffeur, Jean Laborde, a 54-year-old father of five from Irvington, NJ, told The New York Post. "He was such a nice guy. He left me money, but it's not a good deal for me because it means he's no longer here."

And the doorman, Chamil Demiraj, had more kind words. "I appreciate it," he told The Post. "He was a generous guy. He was a really good friend of mine, and I was a good friend of his. It's a surprise. Peace and rest to him. That's all I can say."

Laborde and Demiraj reportedly acted as crying shoulders for Meltzer when he and his wife, Diana, divorced after a 13-year marriage.

Had they not divorced, Diana would've received a third Meltzer's estate. Diana, however, doesn't seem to be too upset about the money, and gave The Post a quote for the ages to prove it:

"He can leave it to whoever he wants to," Diana, a former model, told The Post of her lost inheritance. "I'm doing fine. I could care less. If he wants to give it to the bums, he can give it to the bums. He could f--k a nun. I couldn't give a s--t. He can give his money to whoever he wants. We're divorced. The man is dead."

The cause of Alan Meltzer's sudden death on Halloween is still unknown, according to The Daily Mail.

Before earning his fortune as the founder and CEO Of Wind-Up Records, and before he was a well-known face on High Stakes Poker, he was a pretzel vendor on the streets of Brooklyn.