'MAGA Casket' Gives Trump Diehards A Place To Lie Forever In 'Late Show' Bit

What Trump fanatic wouldn't want to be buried in a coffin that will "Make America Grave Again"?

Donald Trump’s plea this week for Iowa caucus supporters to vote even if they die in the cold inspired “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to create a MAGA Casket. (Watch the video below.)

Made of recycled KFC buckets to reflect the former president’s love of the fried chicken chain, the coffin promises a Trump-filled afterlife. “Just because you died after voting for Donald Trump, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to support him,” the announcer in the faux ad says. “Introducing the MAGA Casket.”

“Enjoy a cremation, original or extra crispy,” the comforting voice continues as a coffin sinks into the fryer.

The ad’s kicker should bury any reservations for deceased Trump loyalists: “Make America Grave Again.”

As brutal cold gripped Iowa, the GOP front-runner told loyalists on Sunday: “Even if you vote and then pass away, it’s worth it.”

That begged for a spoofing, and the talk show made it worth the wait.

Trump, who won the caucuses handily on Monday, now sets his sights on the New Hampshire primary Jan. 23.

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