This Is What Trump's White House Correspondents Dinner Would Look Like

"The Late Show" knows how to get the president to attend.

Donald Trump will be the first president in 36 years to be absent at the White House Correspondents Association dinner ― an annual tradition where media figures, politicians and celebrities schmooze for a night.

And while he and his staff likely turned down their invitations because of the president’s deep hatred for the media and so-called “fake news,” the folks over at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” have figured out how to get Trump to attend: Invite the Russians.

What would that dinner look like? In Trump’s mind (or “The Late Show’s” version of Trump’s mind), it would probably include a Russian man like “Boris Yacanovich” riffing on journalists.

It would feature jokes like:

A journalist criticized the administration. And he was shot dead in the street. In broad daylight.

And other knee-slappers, including:

Another journalist expressed dissent. And he was dropped out of window. Kaboom.

Fingers crossed that the actual WHCA dinner never ends up looking like this.



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