The Latest Episode Of Your Favorite Queer Web Series, 'Not Looking,' Is Here

“Fame is a misshapen beast of a woman who wears heavy clogs and stomps on your dreams.”
"Not Looking" is still going -- and we only have one more episode before bidding farewell to this season.
This hilarious web series is a parody of the now-cancelled HBO drama "Looking." Set in Los Angeles, the show follows a group of "twentysomething" gay men who are still stumbling through life looking for the right guy -- or are they?
"This is my favorite episode so far," Co-Creator Jason Looney told The Huffington Post. "It is so gross and weird and the last scene is a train wreck that is so hard to stop watching. From touching those filthy trash cans to the dirty pocket twizzler to the final disgusting makeout sesh that goes on WAY too long, this scene makes me SCREAM. It was completely improvised."
Check out the fourth episode of the second season above and tune in next week for the season finale. Missed the previous espisodes? Head here.
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