The Latest From Obama Girl: Breaking The Mold

The Latest From Obama Girl: Breaking The Mold
Here's the latest video from
— with whom, obvious
, ETP is
— so we won't weigh in too much on the vid itself, other than to note that the folks at
— "Always Bare and Balanced!" — have wisely steered away from the "Candidate Girl" format that they pioneered (and which has since been
). Instead, they chose to mock an entirely different (and non-denominational) political target: The attack ad. Special guest appearance by the
Glenn Beck
, the
Joy Behar
, and the intrepid financial reporting of
The Examiner
Patrick Gavin
. Whee, media cameos are fun! Also, for flesh fans, OG personifier
Amber Lee Ettinger
shows a lot of it in this go, wearing very little on
Howard Stern
and lolling about in a lagoon looking very much like — what's that phrase? — ah, yes, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers. Hell, crackers are delicious! In any case, here's the new video, we have no idea who the Romney Girls are, other than that there are three of them and we bet that they go from
in a heartbeat. Grrr.
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