The Latest Political Headlines From HGTV News

Trump’s Border Wall Would Completely Disrupt Open Floor Plan between U.S. and Mexico

Clinton Poised to Shatter Presidential Glass Ceiling, But Would Install Skylights in Oval Office

Bombshell Revelation from Leaked Access Hollywood Video: Donald Trump Personally Went Furniture Shopping

LGBT Community Explodes after Clinton Praises Nancy Reagan’s Walk-in Closets

Trump Denies He’s a Flip-Flopper: “I’ve Flipped Many Times—Never Flopped, OK?”

Clinton Warns Trump Would Fundamentally Change Supreme Court Bench by Replacing It with Authentically Distressed Antique Deacons Bench or Repurposed Church Pew

To Rebuild Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure, Trump Would Subsidize Shiplap Production

Clinton Says Trump’s Crude Language Drags Campaign “Straight into the En Suite”

Trump Admits He Installed a Private Server—His Butler, Bensley—In Lavishly Renovated Servants Quarters

Obamas to Stay in Washington at Term’s End, Sparking Crisis for White House: Will They Love It or List It?

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