The Latest Twitter Mashup Was Coo Coo Cachoo

The Beatles broke up when I was born. I'm sure it had nothing to do with me and my parents have confirmed it wasn't my fault but it has weighed heavily on me for years.

You can imagine my delight when @Irish_Nurse brought the Beatles back to life (sort of) as a clever mashup that only can be delivered on Twitter.

During her weekly game on @HashtagRoundup, @Irish_Nurse challenged the world to give their best #BeatlesSongsForAnimals. A wordplay mashup of something animal related and any glorious Beatles song.

The result was a deluge of tweets I'm sure even Yoko would enjoy!


Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, I give you The Beatles (and animals)...

Jeff Dwoskin is a professional comedian, avid tweeter, social media guru, and co-founder of Hashtag Roundup