The Leading Social Influencers in Personal Finance You Need to Know

The Leading Social Influencers in Personal Finance You Need to Know
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The majority of Americans struggle with money management. According to a recent poll, approximately 80 percent are in debt while another 50 percent either break even or are living beyond their means each and every month. This boldly underlines the indubitable reality that most Americans need serious financial guidance.

Learning the methods and habits necessary for attaining financial prosperity is more accessible than ever with the cornucopia of books and online resources available. Financial advice websites and social media platforms unlock treasures of information that assist in better debt management, savings tips, and retirement advice, to name a few. If anyone is going to pull themselves out of the money pit, proactive research is the first step on the road to financial wellness.

Since most can readily agree that finances are an obstinate and unsettling hurdle of daily living, the secret to relief is to find a trusted expert who can guide you through those esoteric financial dealings.
To help cut out much of that legwork, recently commissioned the Evolve! Marketing Agency to uncover today's top socially influential personal finance experts. Instead of combing through the 88,201 personal finance books on Amazon and attempting to reach your financial goals by flying solo, turn to one of these trusted sources for sage advice.

The individuals listed below were established through a process of more than 100 hours of research and scrutiny, utilizing industry-leading exposure and engagement tools like Little Bird, Alexa,GroupHigh, LinkedIn, Klout, and a variety of others. After scouring through more than 700 money experts, the agency employed a precise and proprietary ranking algorithm to develop the hierarchy seen here. Metrics such as social reach, engagement stats, influence among fellow experts, and credibility were all weighted for final position determination. To see the full list of the top 50 personal finance authorities, head over to

The experts featured hail from various backgrounds such as journalism, television and radio hosts, bloggers, CEOs, best-selling authors, and various other walks of life. Many of the people on this list, such as Suze Orman and Robert T. Kiyosaki, have managed to manifest offline success as well as amass impressive digital followings as well. Collectively and individually, these personal finance authorities have guided millions of people to greener pastures and financial freedom.

For some, the greatest credibility they offer is victory over their own financial hardships. Dave Ramsey had to file for personal bankruptcy protection a mere two years after becoming a millionaire at age 26. Ramsey then learned just how detrimental debt was and found inspiration to develop abundance and stable money management habits that he now uses to uplift his clients.

If you are one of the eight in ten American that possess debt, or fall within the fifty percent living beyond their means, take notice of the skilled professionals that made the cut, give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter, and learn how to better navigate the tumultuous world of finance in order to live a more content and comfortable life.

Here are the top 25 Social Influencers in Personal Finance and Wealth:

1)Dave Ramsey, @DaveRamsey - American Financial Author; Host, The Dave Ramsey Show; Founder, Ramsey Solutions
2)Robert T. Kiyosaki, @theRealKiyosaki - Financial Education Advocate; Founder & Author, The Rich Dad Company
3)Suze Orman, CFP, @SuzeOrmanShow - Host, The Suze Orman Show & Suze Orman's Financial Essentials; Contributing Finance Editor, O, The Oprah Magazine
4)Josh Brown, @ReformedBroker - CEO, Ritholtz Wealth Management; Contributor CNBC's Fast Money/Halftime Report
5)Clark Howard, @ClarkHoward - Host, The Clark Howard Show; New York Times #1 Best-selling author
6)Alan Krueger, @Alan_Krueger - Professor of Economics, Princeton University
7)Mr. Money Mustache, @mrmoneymustache - Founder & Blogger,
8)Jason Zweig, @JasonZweigWSJ - Investing columnist for The Wall Street Journal, author of Your Money and Your Brain.
9)Barry Ritholtz, @ritholtz - Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Ritholtz Wealth Management
10)Todd Duncan, @toddstweets - CEO/Founder, The Duncan Group
11)Lauren Young, @LaurenYoung - Money editor, Thomson Reuters
12)Charles Passy, @CharlesPassy - Staff Writer, Dow Jones; previously held roles at,, SmartMoney Magazine, and other financial publications
13)Blake Ellis, @blakeellis3 - Investigative writer,
14)Carl Richards, CFP, @behaviorgap - Director of Investor Education, BAM Advisor Services; Columnist, The New York Times
15)Zain Asher, @ZainAsher - International anchor, CNN; former CNN business correspondent and reporter for
16)Jose Pagliery, @Jose_Pagliery - Cybersecurity reporter,; author of Bitcoin and the Future of Money
17)Michelle Singletary, @SingletaryM - Personal Finance Columnist, The Washington Post
18)Ben Carlson, CFA, @awealthofcs - Director of Institutional Asset Management, Ritholtz Wealth Management; author of A Wealth of Common Sense
19)Jean Chatzky, @JeanChatzky - Financial Editor, NBC's TODAY Show; Columnist & Financial Ambassador, AARP
20)Tara Siegel Bernard, @tarasbernard - Personal Finance & Consumer Reporter, The New York Times
21)Karen Damato, @DamatoK - Wealth editor, The Wall Street Journal
22)Jesse Eisinger, @eisingerj - Senior reporter, ProPublica; former Wall Street Editor, Conde Nast
23)Ron Lieber, @ronlieber - Your Money columnist, The New York Times; author of The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money
24)Tracy Shannon Levey, @TaxAddict - Co-Founder & VP of Communications, Parker Tax Publishing
25)Natali Morris, @natalimorris - News anchor, MSNBC; contributor, CNBC and the TODAY Show; Creator,

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