'The League,' Season 6, Episode 13 Recap: The Beach House

The Shiva Bowl is about to begin and it all comes down to Ruxin vs. Andre. Everyone's anxious, mostly because no one wants Ruxin to win. The gang gets a posthumous surprise from Ted involving his Laguna Beach house: he's paid for them all to come out and stay at the house for the final game. While California-bound, most of the gang heads West via economy class but Ruxin has to do everything as douchey as possible so he flies first class. After a nasty debate with the flight attendant about his dinner options, he impresses his seat mate who happens to be super football agent Tom Condon. Condon gives Ruxin his card and says they should talk more. Ugh, I can't stop groaning at Ruxin's sh*t eating grin.

After arriving at the Laguna Beach House, Ted's lawyer says that he will stay at the house with the gang while they're there to make sure there's no "funny business." Kevin goes to the bathroom after the lawyer's schtick is over and sees Ted's ghost in the bathroom. Totally normal. Ghost Ted says to keep it a secret that he's around and that he'll make a reappearance later on. Umm... okay??


Rafi has inexplicably shown up, causing the gang to collectively groan, but they've come to terms with it. Jenny and Pete want Andre to win the house because they know that if he does, they'll get to use it too. As such, they try to help Andre with his league choices. The collusion commences. Kevin continues the trend with trying to convince Taco to throw the game so he doesn't take the Sacko two years running. Taco says he's got to work for it and pushes Kevin off a pier. Brothers, man.

As promised, Ted reappears at Kevin's bedside that night. Ted agrees to help Kevin so he doesn't get the Sacko again but only if Kevin agrees to help him pull off one more prank on the gang. Kevin agrees and Rafi pops up after Ted disappears to say he'll help too. Let the games begin.

Ruxin goes full-on business mode when he meets with Tom Condon. Impressed, Condon wants to bring Ruxin on as a fellow agent and as such, Condon introduces Ruxin to Antonio Gates then leaves. If you don't remember, Ruxin chewed out Gates all the way back in season 1 (in a hot tub, no less) and Gates only remembers meeting Ruxin when he spots Ruxin's fantasy league on his phone. Gates take the opportunity to toy with Ruxin's emotions and messes with his league horrifically. As Ruxin struggles to save his team, Condon and his partner come back in the room just in time to see the argument and, by the looks of it, all bets are now off. Sorry, Ruxin, but no one feels bad for you, bro.

Meanwhile, Jenny's having a great last day with the Shiva and in her frolicking, SHE LOSES THE SHIVA TO A ROGUE WAVE.

shiva bowl

The gang is reveling in the peace of the West Coast time because it means kickoff happens earlier. As the game begins, Ruxin fails to set his lineup and accuses the whole gang of colluding against him. The accusation explodes into a full group fight and is only stopped when Ted's lawyer comes in the room. Ted's lawyer somehow procures Mike Pereira, former head of NFL officiating, to make a ruling. Pereira rules that Ruxin did not submit his lineup in time and that it's not collusion at all.

Andre wins the Shiva and takes the Laguna Beach house, causing everyone but Ruxin to be thrilled. Taco's lineup gets messed with, courtesy of Ted, and Kevin wins, leaving the Sacko to Taco. Andre sets off "SUCK IT" fireworks to celebrate and ends up setting the house aflame. The house is in ashes and everyone's just as houseless as when they started. Le sigh. Another season of "The League" comes to a close. Can't wait to see what rises from the ashes next year... Until then: SHIVA KAMINI SOMA KANDARKRAM!


  • "Congratulations, you're king of the dipshits."

  • "The bag is full of chicken livers. It mimics the feeling of a human vagina."

  • "I hope he catches the Little Mermaid."

  • "You need to toughen up, you little bitch."

  • "Don't shit in the water, Seabiscuit."

  • "I'm not going to give her ghost AIDs."

  • Rafi's robe and speedo outfit.

  • "You look like a European porn extra."

  • "I dont know how to tell you this, but Ted died."
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