The Least Inspiring Careers Barbie Has Ever Had (PHOTOS)

This year, Barbie's fans voted on what would be her next career move, and little girls everywhere came up with a surprisingly nerd-tastic suggestion: Computer Engineer. Now that Barbie has a tech-savvy, 21st Century job, we've decided to take a look at the least inspiring career moves the 50-year-old doll has made in her lifetime. Sure, she's had over 120 different careers including astronaut, veterinarian, and even U.S. President, but like us all she's also held some not-so desirable jobs. We're not sure how much girls actually take note of where Barbie is working, or whether or not it affects their own career paths, but we can say with certainty these are the least-inspiring jobs of them all - especially for the girl who supposedly has everything.