The Left Hearts Radical Islam says Dinesh D'Souza.

I conducted an interview with him for Beliefnet about his book, The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11. The most fascinating thing he said came at the end of something he was saying about the reason for his book. He said his book, "gets outside the American debate, and tries to see American through Muslim eyes."

I asked him what they saw and he said this:

There is a large and influential group within America that seems to be working to make sure that we lose the war on terror. theory is that the left doesn't like the radical Muslims, but they hate Bush more. They are scared of Muslim mullahs in white sheets, but they are much more scared of a conservative President and the religious right that supports him.

The rest of this interview can be found on my blog on and it is a truly amazing interview.

What Mr. D'Souza is offering here isn't so much insight into Iraq as insight into a conservative take on the "culture war." The "left" isn't simply espousing a disagreeable set of policies, the left is anti-God, anti-America, and fundamentally evil. There is no pause to consider the possibility that the left simply has a different set of prescriptions to what ails us and what ails the world. This is the conservatism of Limbaugh and Colter and it is a conservatism that is frightening because it knows no ends to its means.

When this is your view of the world where are the brakes tapped? How much is too much? The answer, apparently, is that too much doesn't exist. It doesn't exist in Iraq and it doesn't exist when trying to defame Sen. Brack Obama by launching blatant lies under the guise of respectable news. To be sure there are those on the left who think that "the right" is evil and must be stopped at all costs. Those people are just as confused as Mr. D'Souza.

It is time that we stop going after label - left, right, Godly, Godless - and start focusing again on solving actual problems. We've got enough of them.