The Lesbian Chronicles 4: New Year's Eve Edition

For this upcoming year 2016, I have decided to choose a gift for myself instead of a traditional New Year's resolution; because let's face it, I am that lesbian who always chooses the road less travelled!

So delicious is this gift , that I am offering it to all my Huffington Post readers as well. What is this gift that I have yet to speak?

I am offering up the gift of self-forgiveness.

Yes; you read that correctly. I want you all to give yourself the gift of self-forgiveness; and not just the ordinary kind of forgiveness where you excuse yourself for a loud sneeze while out with your wife at the symphony, but I am asking you to go deeper, and longer and with more attention to Big Picture Forgiveness.

Forgive yourself people! Forgive yourself for not losing those ten pounds you promised you would lose in 2015; you are still desirable! Forgive yourself for screaming at your daughter when she left the wet towel on the floor this morning for the third day in a row. It's okay! You are a human being with feelings, not an automaton!

Forgive yourself for not giving money to the homeless man and his trusty German Shepard sitting on the Eaton Centre steps; you were rushing to a dental appointment that you have stressing about for weeks!

Forgive yourself for calling yourself a loser when that promotion passed you by .You're not a loser! It was that bum kissing snake in the next cubicle. He sucked up to your boss everyday for months, and stole your promotion away from you. Boo on him, not you!

Stayed up till 4 a.m reading the new Dean Koontz book, and now you are blaming yourself for your unwillingness to leave your cozy bed, despite your alarm going off twice? It's okay, and you are okay, and tonight you will go to bed at 8.

Most importantly; forgive yourself for thinking that you are unlovable and will be alone 'till the end of your days. You are not unlovable!

These are all the empty places where self-forgiveness is needed. Just imagine what you would tell your best friend; your kind co-worker; your child; should they came to you with such negative self talk. Be your own cheerleader. Be your own good mother; imagine the arms of the Divine Mother wrapped around you so tight that all you can feel is your own innate goodness. Know you are loved and lovable . Fill all those murky dark places in yourself with light.Because loving yourself is paramount.

This is my gift to you my readers, as well as to myself. Let us all use this gift often and with tenderness.

Happy New Year to all!