The Lesbian Chronicles 8 : Karma and the Beach

So folks; here's the thing -- I believe in Karma. I believe you reap what you sow, and that your actions have consequences. I believe however, that it's slightly more complex than; in this life I broke your heart; therefore in the next life; you get to break mine. Although truth be told, sometimes I feel that in my last life, I must have broken more than a few.

I believe that during our lifetime we have free choice and free will, but that we are not given unlimited choices. I believe that life is just like the game show The Price is Right; where you are given three doors to choose from; but you only get to chose between those specific three doors, not twenty -- three doors.

Just as there are those three doors on the game show, I believe that God or Spirit; in tandem with our soul; chooses one of three doors (or character types) for us.

Door #1 people are often closed off emotionally, non-relational, rational and very proficient at self-soothing. I visualize them as living in a castle people, with the moat around the castle and alligators with their huge sharp teeth swimming in the water, ready to devour anyone that dares to approach the moat.

Door #2 people possess an open-hearted but diffuse energy. They are relational people; people who need people kind of people; these #2's are pup tent on the beach people, where everything and everyone can come in; where there is hardly any protection from the elements.

Door #3 people are the go with the flow kind of people, who can acknowledge and appreciate boundaries. They are balanced and grounded in themselves. I see these people as house people, whose foundation is built on solid ground. Their homes have doors and windows that can be open or closed based on their discretion.

I believe that these personality types are karmic, meaning that in this lifetime, each soul has chosen one of these three characters types to advance their soul's growth. If you have won the karmic lottery and have been given door #3, then it is likely you organically gravitate to healthy people. You have grown up with healthy parents and lovely extended family. Lucky you!

Most of us however, are either the pup tent kind of person, or the castle kind of person. I believe our goal is to move toward solidity if we are diffuse, and movement if we are rigid.

I am the pup tent kind of lesbian, who has a hard time establishing solid, but fluid boundaries. While I still inhabit my canvas tent, I am working on my dream home. Right now I am building the foundation, pouring the concrete and gathering the bricks that will be needed, building from the ground up.

P.S. In case anyone is curious, I am building my new home in Hawaii...