The Lesbian Chronicles 9 : Guiding Lights

Lately, I have been thinking about guides; not the "Welcome to London, on your left you can see Big Ben" kind of guides, but guides from the world of spirit.

They -- yes those mysterious 'they'; say that we all have a spirit guide assigned to us at the moment of our birth; that stays with us throughout our lives. These guides are purported to whisper encouraging words to their wards such as "You can do this, my darling." Or, the more startling "Move your sweet ass now, that car is coming your way!"

Lately, whenever I have taken a picture (see following photos) I have noticed a small bright blue dot somewhere in the photo. Could this dot possibly be my spirit guide? I quickly dismissed this as fanciful thinking. Probably just a coincidence, right? However, while cleaning out one of my kitchen cupboards last week (I bow to the Queen of Spareness) I found a stack of old photos. As I was going through the photographs, one of me as a baby caught my eye.


What did I see? That's right, the very same blue dot. What if this really is my spirit guide? Could it be that I have always been protected, that I have never truly been alone? If I choose to believe in my little blue dot of protection, how will this change my perception of my place in this world? I will probably have to let go of my Special Victim Status, and relinquish my badge. That's okay, I have been wearing it forever. It's a tad banged up and is looking quite tarnished. Perhaps I shall put it up for sale on eBay.