The Lesbian Chronicles: I Am A Lover.

The buzz word in popular culture right now is ‘Warrior’. I heard it first on a fundraising commercial for my local children’s hospital, I then overheard my mother on the phone with my sister using the phrase ‘I’m a Warrior!’ obtained most likely from the Tony Robbins weekend workshop they had participated in this past summer.

Last night while watching my favourite episode of Survivor, the one where the remaining contestants reunite with their family members they haven't seen in a month, I saw a commercial for the new movie ‘A Wrinkle In Time’. I watched as Oprah, dressed as a queen/fairy/witch implores the young heroine to “Be a warrior!”

Why would I want to be a warrior? In order to be a warrior I must first be involved in a battle, and quite frankly, I am battle weary. In a war, there is always duality. A winner and a loser, the good team and the bad team, the victorious and the defeated. Instead of the duality of war, I am choosing the singularity of peace. I am discarding my fatigues for a cloak of many colours, working hard to negotiate peace through love.

If after much negotiation, my goal of peace through love can not be reached I will walk away, taking solace inside my comfy cozy coat, knowing that in choosing love, I am choosing not to abandon myself to the fragmentation that inevitably results from battle, choosing for the first time in my life to be contained within the stillness and the freedom that love brings.

Locked On Love
Locked On Love
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