The Levels of Kindness

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We should always strive to be the best person that we can be. We're all born with an evil inclination, and our parents are supposed to be the ones to instill us with good morals and values, and to teach us right from wrong. Despite whether or not we were raised in that type of environment and upbringing in which we're able to learn all of the above from our parents or not, it's up to us as individuals to recognize the difference between good and bad, and right and wrong on our own. 

Despite having a certain type of upbringing in which we were taught unconditional love, nurture, respect, and right from wrong, it's important that we use some form of role model as we grow up, whether or not they were our parents. We can never blame others for the mistakes that we make in life. Even when it comes to making bad decisions based on what other people have suggested, because we put ourselves in whatever circumstances that we choose. We're essentially our own boss. Unless someone is literally holding a gun to our heads and forcing us to choose wrong over right, our consequences are the outcome of our choices.

When it comes to being a good person, no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. However, we have the power within ourselves of how good we are by the things that we say, and through our actions as well. It's important to be aware of our instincts, and listen to them when it comes to making choices in life, and to think thoroughly before making any big decisions. However, I don't believe that we should all walk around in the state of paranoia. Obviously, that wouldn't be good. But, I do believe that we should go into situations with caution, but without fear. Like I said, it's important to think before you act, and that goes for thinking of what possible consequences could arise.

There so many levels to being a good person. Depending on our choices, the cities we live in, our environments, our upbringing, our social circles, etc., we can be negatively or positively affected in a way in which our level of kindness to others will be more or less apparent. It's so imperative that we choose light over darkness, and when in doubt, connect to our conscious level, become self aware, and listen to our instincts. Being a good person involves all of the above. As well, to be a truly good person, you need to put others before yourself, and care about their sensitivities, frustrations, and how you make them feel. 

We have the power within us to either brighten someone's day or destroy them with our words, and our actions. We have the power to lift people up, give them hope, or bring them down, and bully or torture them. It's important to lead a life in which not only we'll be proud one day, but that our children, and our children's children will be proud as well. You should be proud of yourself right now, and know that you're a good and decent person. If you don't feel that your nature is kind hearted, or that you're even a good person, it's important to understand why you feel that way, and strive to make changes in your life for the better. 

There's truly no end to the state of enlightenment. We have the power to create the most beautiful life for ourselves, and to provide and give light and knowledge onto others. There's a deep and great beauty when it comes to giving to others in life. The gift of time, effort, knowledge, wisdom, hope, and love are immense gifts that not only don't cost anything to give, but that can truly make this world a much better place. 

<strong><a href="">Anne Cohen<br>Daily Inspiration<br></a></strong>
Anne Cohen
Daily Inspiration

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