The Faulty LGBT Politics Of t.A.T.u

She basically pretended to be a lesbian for money.

Russian girl group t.A.T.u dominated the Noughties with ‘All The Things She Said’ and ‘All About Us’, complete with raunchy videos that showed them as lesbian lovers. 

Neither of them are gay in real life, which I think is common knowledge. If not, then there’s another fact you now know. But singer Julia Volkova has insulted the LGBT+ community by saying in an interview with Russian television that she wouldn’t want her son to be gay, but that she would accept her daughter being a lesbian as it’s “aesthetically much nicer.” 

This is so insulting to the LGBT+ community, as being accepted from everyone in their family and society is paramount and this comment from her is especially insulting to gay men. Volkova is a hypocritical homophobe, as she is part of a band that should be a big supporter of gay people, as they’re supposed to be gay themselves, but she won’t accept a man being himself and loving another man? And she will accept a woman loving another woman? She basically pretended to be a lesbian for money and arousing men in sexual music videos, which is so messed up and now every t.A.T.u song (some of which have helped people a lot) are now tainted with a bad image.

Russia has a lot of LGBT issues as we know, and opinions like this just make this perception of the country worse. Gay men in Russia will now be scared to come out as a result of her comments because they may fear that everyone feels the same way as Volkova. 

There’s a silver lining to all this however as the other half of the duo, singer Lena Katina, has responded to social media outrage of this homophobia and completely disagrees with Volkova, saying on Facebook “I think everybody should be free to love who they love and be with who they want to spend their life with!” I’m so glad (and I hope you are too) that one of this group is seeing sense and being supportive. 

It’s convenient for Volkova that’s she made money from her venture, but she’ll always now be known as the bad guy for her recent comments and hypocrisy. 

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