The life detox guide you didn't know you needed

Spring may be coming to an end but it’s never too late to spring clean your life.

Detoxing is a great way to rid your body of toxins and get it clean and healthy. But detoxing doesn’t always have to involve downing kale smoothies and gallons of water by the hour, sometimes what our bodies and minds need the most is a life detox to purge ourselves of toxic and negative emotions or people holding us back.

If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed and depressed then you are in dire need of a life detox, and these 7 steps are a great place to start.

Exercise daily.

Asides maintaining physical fitness, there are several benefits of exercise that are often under-emphasized. Maintaining a daily exercise routine not only boosts your mood and energy levels, it’s also a great stress reliever and it even helps you sleep better. Working out doesn’t necessarily mean busting your ass off at the gym for 4 hours a day, even when you don’t want to or are physically incapable of doing so. A brisk walk in the morning, an evening run or signing up for a spin class is sufficient exercise to get your body pumped and ready to go.


Friends who I've advised to meditate have always retorted with the fact that they felt a little silly while attempting it. This problem stems from their twisted perception of what meditation is and how it benefits us. Meditating for just an hour everyday equips you with the mindfulness you need to deal with daily problems that leave you stressed or anxious. The practice also increases self-awareness and has immense health benefits. ‘How do you meditate?’ This Is a question that is often asked by people new to the ancient practice. The truth is there are no hard and fast rules as to what practices make up meditation. Contrary to what you see in the movies you don’t have to sit in a lotus position humming nonsensically for hours. To meditate first settle into a position you are most comfortable in, then close your eyes and center your mind on a single thought or object, your best bet is your breathing. Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale and on that only. As you do so you’ll often find your mind wandering. Don’t feel pressurized to keep your mind focused even though this is the goal. Instead gently reel yourself back to focus on your breathing pattern once more. As you continue to focus you’ll feel your mind become at peace as it rids itself of all other negative and anxious thoughts.

Disconnect from toxic people.

Stop making excuses for the people in your life who interacting with constantly leaves you feeling down in the dumps. Being surrounded by people with toxic energy is detrimental to your own personal growth and happiness, not to mention your mental health. Disconnecting from such people doesn’t necessarily mean cutting them off from your life entirely, it just means monitoring the way and manner in which you interact with them. Stop allowing toxic people disrupt your life

Get even more sleep

If you are getting less than the recommended eight to nine hours of sleep per night then you need to get more sleep. You might think cutting off an hour or two from your sleep time might not make a difference, but the amount of sleep we get affects everything from our weight to our health and even our sex lives. Not getting enough sleep affects all of this adversely. Sticking to a particular sleeping schedule is also very important, routinely changing your sleep schedule can lead to a plethora of negative effects on your mind and body.


Several studies show links between being organized and leaving a balanced and healthy life. Organization helps you get more productive, keeps you focused and even often saves you money. If staying organized is something you’ve been struggling with, start small. Start with your personal space. organize where you are most comfortable in. It might be your closet or your workstation or even your kitchen. Organize your personal space and watch everything else somehow fall into place.

Declutter your mind

Let go of negative thoughts and grudges against people who might have hurt you in the past. It's amazing how such thoughts weigh us down and stop us from truly progressing. People who are incapable of letting go of negativity, often find themselves stuck in a rut and unable to make progress in both their personal lives and at work

Create downtime

No day is too busy for you to unwind for an hour or two doing what you love. It might be knitting or reading or even writing on a blog, whatever it is you need to create downtime for it to keep your mind sane and healthy. Scientific study shows that giving yourself downtime improves mental and physical health and boost creativity.

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